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Last update 12/09/2010


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Citis braked since 05/27/07
The brakes on a Citicar are one of the worst parts and cause the most problem.  Repair also causes the most consternation because most owners do not realize that Sebring used golf cart brakes.  Therefore they look for parts at the car parts store and invariably draw blanks.

I'm currently compiling a list of brake parts vs year model and some sources.  For now, I'll cover just my 1976 model.  It is equipped with the Terrell axle (motor parallel to the axle) so the front and rear brakes are different.

Early Citis like mine came with a single circuit hydraulic brake system.  This is quite dangerous, as any single failure kills the whole brake system.  One of the most important upgrades is to split the system and install a dual circuit system like every other car on the road has.  Look under Master Cylinder to view that conversion.


The above photo is more of Glenn's at Assembled Parts collection of Citi and Commuta Cars