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Last update 12/09/2010

Small Engine Propane Conversion

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Someone once asked me about propane conversions for small utility engines.  I figured a picture is worth a thousand words so the next time the people from Evans Janitorial came to do our floors, I took the opportunity to photograph the propane engine on their polisher.
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The carburetor.  Conversion consisted of removing the gasoline main jet and emulsion tube and inserting the propane nozzle.  No other changes required.  Even the float bowl remains.  
Another view of the carburetor.  The left hand hose is the manifold pressure feedback to the propane regulators  
The regulators.  The bottom unit is the pressure stepdown unit.  The top regulator is the zero-pressure regulator that feeds the propane to the carburetor.  The button in the center of the bottom regulator is the "prime" button.  This  button bleeds some propane into the intake before cranking and functions like a choke  
A view of the other side of the regulators.  The small hose is the manifold pressure signal.