John G's Ribs!


Let's talk about ribs.  There are lots of types of ribs.  There are
  • Baby Backs - good for a snack, at least.
  • St Louis - Amazing what they come up with to describe trimmings.
  • Tips - Ditto.
  • Beef - Let's don't go there...
  • Spare Ribs - Now we're talking!
Chitlin' Sez:

Eat mo' Ribs!

At John G's BBQ, we do Spare Ribs.  You know, a whole side of a pig.  Big hearty ribs.  Piles of ribs. Betcha can't eat a whole rack!         
We start with a Grade A "3.5 and down" spare rib.  That means the rack weighs 3.5 pounds before cooking.
The rack goes on the fire just like it came off the pig.  No rubs, sauces or other strange stuff to mess up the flavor of pig and hickory.  When ribs are done right they don't need any help!!! 

Needless to say, we never boil 'em ahead of time like some restaurants do. Yuck.

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We cook 'em on an open pit fire for 6 to 8 hours until the meat is tender enough to practically fall off the bone. What a meal!
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Since most people can't eat a whole rack, we offer our ribs several ways.
  • Full Rack - serves two or more.
  • Half Rack - about 6 ribs
  • Rib Sandwich - 3 ribs and a bun
  • By the rib - when you only want one or two.
At no extra charge you get the Carla Treatment!
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Last update 05/29/2007