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Back in about 1970 I built my first HID shop light.  It consisted of a couple of pieces of telescoping exhaust tubes welded to an old flywheel and sporting a 175 watt mercury vapor lamp.  I thought this was probably the brightest light I'd ever see.

Time passed, my eyes got older and the wattage got higher.  The light featured here is the current state of my art.  This light features a 1000 watt Metal-Halide lamp, a telescoping mast that reaches about 25 feet, 50 feet of cord and two convenience outlets.

A light this bright has several advantages.  One can illuminate an entire room, even a large one, with one lamp.  One can shine the light onto the ground beneath a car and the reflected light is bright enough to work under the car without additional lighting.  One can illuminate a whole parking lot.  The light can be telescoped up high enough to mostly keep the summer bugs above the work area.

The pictured light is the first one I built about 7 years ago.  Since then it has become popular.  I  have built several of these for contractors and even a public safety department.  I have developed several standard versions:

  • As pictured, on a 2-wheeled cart.
  • A 1500, 240 volt unit.
  • Multiple lamp head unit, with or without a generator.
  • A 1000 watt self-contained unit with a small ChiCom light duty generator.
  • A 1000 watt self-contained unit with a Honda generator.
  • A 1000 watt self-contained unit with a larger Honda generator for running accessories.

I build these lights to order.  Prices start at $500 for the basic 2 wheeled unit.  Delivery is approximately 2 weeks ARO.  Please contact me by clicking on the "Email John" link above for more info and for ordering.

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The MegaLight  
The MegaLight at work.