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.Garett Churchill's Elite Lamp Tech, the best neon and cold cathode lamp manufacturing company in the world.  But then I'm biased :-)  
Alan Dorman's Electronic sign flashers and controllers  
A great school taught by one of the masters.  
  Len Davidson Neon.  Len's a great neon historian and vintage sign restorer.  He's published a book on vintage neon (front cover at left) and a series of must-have neon sign post cards  
Spectra Gas.  THE place to buy lighting gases.  They sell direct, sell in small quantities in disposable cylinders and are used to dealing with neon people.  No proprietary fittings to buy.  
Neon Street/Bill Buth.  A nice neon shop/gallery in the Milwaukee area.  Slick web site too.  
Tony Greer/Special Effects Neon.  Tony is one of the most gifted and accomplished neon artists I know.  His work with plasma tubes is remarkable, especially considering that he's working with fragile neon glass and not pyrex.  His photos don't even come close to doing his pieces justice.