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Tools made since 05/10/07

I designed and built most of my shop equipment.  On these pages I document the various pieces.  I also include some equipment designed by my friends.
Ribbon Burner  
The is the correct burner to make a cross fire from.  I contains the three vertical rows of main fires to set up a vertical wall of fire surrounded by warming pilot flames.
This is a very low vapor pressure epoxy that is suitable for use in medium and the low end of high vacuum systems.  Varian sells this same product private-labeled as "Torr-seal" for about $60 a tube set.  Epoxi-Patch sells for about $6.
This is a photo of the adapter that I made to go from my diffusion pump flange mount to my metal manifold.  The stainless steel to copper joint is the above-mentioned Epoxi-Patch.  I chemically polished the inside of the copper fittings to speed outgasing.
This is the diff pump mounted to the manifold.  The squirrel cage fan turned out to be too much so I later replaced it with a simple muffin fan.  My apologies for the lousy photo quality but this is scan of film from a disposable camera.