Daytona Turkey Rod Run 2000
Daytona Turkey Rod Run 2001
Daytona Turkey Rod Run 2003
Henry Ford Museum 2004

Copper Hill

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Trips taken since 05/27/07.

As an avid RV'er, I've traveled to many places in this country.  I'm also an avid photographer.  The result?  Lots of travel pictures.  In this section of my web I present some photos from my various trips.  Not much narration but lots of eye candy.

These are presented as slide shows.  You can click any photo on the index page to see a larger image.  The full size images are available for the asking.

There are a LOT of photos in this section.  Be prepared to spend a day or three here.

Be sure to REFRESH each page on this site as I'm adding content on a daily basis.