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Bob Feb,1995-Nov 21,2007

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November 21st, 2007, 5:30PM.  I just laid my best friend to rest.  Bob had been diagnosed a few weeks ago with a failing heart, an enlarged liver and an ulcer caused by the pressure of the liver on his stomach.  I had been treating him with blood pressure medicine to lower the stress on his heart and Tagamet for the ulcer.  A few days ago he went down in his hind legs.  Even though I knew it might have adverse effects on his stomach, I treated him with Aleve for the arthritis.  The treatment worked and he was able to enjoy his last days fully mobile.

He had been staying very close to me the last couple of days so I think he knew the end was near.  This afternoon I laid down for a nap.  About 4:30 I heard a loud cry that woke me. Bob was paralyzed in his rear legs and was trying to climb up onto the bed.  I picked him up in my arms and there he peacefully died a few minutes later, looking up at me.  He smiled and touched my face with his paw one last time before he went.

I discovered a few minutes later that his ulcer had burst and he had bled out.  Ever considerate, he made it to the bathroom before he coughed up blood.  He was like that, never making a mess.

Bob is buried behind my cabin in Tellico.  Rest in Peace, Bob, my gloriously beautiful wonderful buddy.  I love you, little fella.  You were the best friend I ever had.  I'll miss you the rest of my life.

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It is rare indeed when one finds a pet that becomes a soulmate, a pet that can read your mind and you his.  Over the last 12 years I've had such a buddy, Bob the Cat.

I found Bob in a junkyard while I was buying salvage air conditioners.  It was love at first sight.  Half Persian and half Manx, Bob was still attached to his mother and was small enough to sit in my closed hand.  When we started home from the salvage yard and he popped up on the dashboard to see what was going on, I knew I had a winner.  He has ruled me since!

Bob is a great buddy, is a world traveler, is a hell of a mouser and is  cute as heck.  I thought the least I could do would be to give him his own web page.


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