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1960 F350 Blue Ford Dump Truck

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Truck Views since 04/15/08
I've been looking for some time for a truck that I could convert to a small fire pumper for fire protection in this little community.  Today one magically appeared on the back of a roll-back.  Looks to be an oldie but a goodie.  The antifreeze is fresh, it isn't marking its spot and the engine turns over with a regular rhythm so the essentials are there.

Here are some first-look pictures. See Below for updated info.

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Ready'n'rarin to go.  
Dig that push bumper.  If only it'd go fast enough to ever need it.
Heavy Duty
Interior doesn't look all that bad to be so old.
Another view.  Dig that 4-in-the-floor
The controls for the dump bed
The power house. 146 screaming horses
OK, Kiddies, this is what an actual Generator looks like.  Not quite ready for 1000 watt kickers....
Who need dual circuit brakes when one will do?  Not the neat and economical red brake light wiring.
Split Rims.  To DIE for.  Dry rot?  What dry rot....
The VIN tag where it belongs - on the inside of the glovebox door.

04/16/2008 - Second Look - After some web research

I've spent many hours searching the net trying to figure out what year and model this truck is.  I finally hit paydirt here. Fortunately Ford fairly radically changed the front end on each year model during this period so all I had to do was match the photos and then find this VIN decoder.  Here are the contents of my tag decoded:

First Row - Serial Number - F35COH58XXX

F350 -  F350 model - 7,700 lb rating "3/4 ton"
C - 292 MD V8 "Y-block"
0 - year, 1960
H - Assembly Plant, Lorain, Oh
Digits - serial number

Second Row - Chassis Specs

WB Wheelbase 130 inches
Color V Academy Blue
Model F351 F series, 350
Date 21G July 21st
Trans F 4-speed Warner T-98A
Axle 07 Ratio 5.14-7.2M

Third Row - Ratings

Max GVW pounds 7,700  
Cert Net HP 146  
RPM 3,800  

So there we have it.  A nice old classic work truck.