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Last update 04/28/2016

Scottsman Model NME654AS-1B Pelletizer ice machine

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since 9/23/2012


This machine is practically new, having been used only about a year before I closed my restaurant.  It has been kept in climate controlled storage and connected to utilities so that I could exercise it occasionally.  The photos below will show how pristine the machine is.


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I have a bad back and bad knees so I will be of little help in loading this item.  Plan on bringing a friend.  I have hand trucks, dollies and other moving equipment; I simply cannot operate them anymore.



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Commercial Ice Machine

Scottsman Model NME654AS-1B Pelletizer type ice machine.  500 pounds per day.


Machine separates into two parts, the ice making head and the ice container.


Not shippable. 

Location: Tellico Plains, TN


New low price: $2100





Side view of the machine.  The cooling air intake is in the front.  The air filter is visible behind the louvers.  It is practically unsoiled.  See the above photo for a better look at the filter.




 View of the ice bin full of ice




This photo shows the type of ice the machine makes.  Crunchy pellets.  Most customers prefer this kind of ice because it is easy to crunch on.  And it packs tighter in the glass, requiring less product to fill the glass.

It is the perfect ice for making homemade ice cream so you can do a brisk trade in bagged ice.




A photo of the inside of the machine showing how clean it is.  The condenser is barely visible in the rear and is spotless.  Also notice the white oblong drip pan under the yellow pelletizer.  With this type of machine, as the auger seal begins to wear, water drips into this pan and is carried away.  This pan has never been even moist.


 The nameplate.  They recommend a 30 amp fuse but I run the machine on an ordinary 20 amp branch with no problems.  To the best of my recollection, the current draw is about 16 amps. 

This unit uses 1270 KWh per month (about $27 per month at our power rate) when operated 24 hours a day.  This is the actual measured consumption using a watt-hour meter with the machine located in an 80 deg room.