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Jake The Kitten

08/27/07 - Fred had a brother and litter-mate.  He remained in the wild for a week longer than Fred.  When the game warden finally live trapped him, I just had to go take a look.  Again, love at first sight.

That extra week in the wild really made a difference.  When I picked Fred up for the first time, he hissed once and then started purring.  When I picked Jake up, he went CATatonic!  I carried him home in the live trap.  I eased him out of the trap but as soon as he cleared metal, he went crazy again.  Into the kitchen closet he went.

I got some welding gloves and fished him out.  He clamped down on my finger.  Those baby teeth are sharp!  I felt the prick through the gloves.  Off he went again, this time behind the washing machine.  Those bonds of love and affection were NOT forming.  I left him alone for the evening.

Next morning he was still back there.  I chased him out with a broom.  Into my bedroom.  We played tag-under-the-bed for awhile and then I left him alone again.  That night he rewarded me by taking a dump under the bed!  War was about to break out.

The next day I baited him out with Spam (the meaty kind) and petted him for the first time.  No luck picking him up.  I did get him chased out of the bedroom.  After a couple more hiding places, he made his first mistake.  He explored the bathroom.  GOTCHA!

I left the bathroom to get a litter box, water and food and when I returned he was gone!  WTF?  It's a tiny bathroom so after I verified that he hadn't climbed the drapes, I was about to think that he'd jetted between my legs when I opened the door.  I looked one last time under the vanity and saw those eyes glowing! He'd managed to open the vanity door and get in there in the minute I was gone!  Amazing.

A day of Spam-baiting and gentle petting later, I managed to pick him up but only for a second before I felt him go tight again.  It took two more full days before I could pick him up and he'd relax and purr. 

Freedom came yesterday evening.  I had kept Fred in the bathroom to keep him company and in the process of playing they made my bathroom look like a grenade had gone off in it.  I opened the door and let them out and they promptly began working on my den.

They've been an absolute riot to watch.  I'd kill for a tenth of that energy! Anytime things get dull, just introduce a pair of kittens into your life.

As of this writing, Jake can be baited in with some Spam and he'll sit in my lap for a bit.  He still charges off to his hidey-hole anytime I stand up or walk by.  I'm afraid that he's going to always be a bit skittish.  We'll see.

Without further ado, some baby pix:


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Meows dished out since 08/28/07

Trapped under the vanity.  His first photo.   The voices tell me to eat your eyes out. The fight is on!
Cat fight at the Old Boot Corral. Check out that hooked tail. Death from above.
Check out those eyes.  They'll drive the girl kitties crazy. Bother me again and I'll rip out your gall bladder! You wouldn't really make me clean the toilet, would you?
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