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Ok, I admit it.  I'm a Flashahaulic.  Or Lightahaulic.  Or whatever you'd call a guy who's fascinated with anything that gives off light.  Especially large amounts of light.  My disorder has led me to some interesting places, such as lighting a 5kW short-arc Xenon lamp using a welder and a neon spark coil (Wow was that bright!).  I've started a new section of my website to details some of the stuff that I've done.  Enjoy  



The Mega-Light

Need lots of light in a small portable package?  The Mega-Light is (was) for you.  I no longer make these but I figured it'd be a great way to start of  a new section of my site

Big-Assed CFLs.

I've been fascinated with Compact Fluorescent Lamps from the very beginning.  Probably because they so resemble neon and because they put out so incredibly much light.  Take a look!


Shop Lighting Done Right!

A curious parallel is happening.  CFLs are getting bigger and brighter as my vision ages.  In this section you'll view the fabulous lab of Neon John, the place where all the Fluxeon goodies come from.