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I'm not a hot-shot photographer anymore, just a casual guy who still does an occasional commercial job.  Like all photographers I like gadgets and I like to show off some of my work.  I'm not the artsy-fartsy type so these pages will look normal and won't have any black on black text or any of that rot.  Enjoy



This is a fascinating series of photos I took of a Mazda RX-7 fuel injector in the process of firing.  The injector was mounted on my fuel injection flow bench and the bench was driven by some custom software on a laptop.  Also connected to the laptop was a General Radio Strobotach.  The Strobotach generates a very brief flash of light when triggered, brief enough to freeze the spray montion.

The way the software works is this.  At a specified firing rate, the software fires the injector and then after a specified delay, fires the strobe.  The delay allows the spray pattern to form.

The entire setup was in a dark room.  The camera shutter was opened, the software operated in single-shot mode to fire one burst and then the shutter closed.  The delay between injector firing and strobe firing was incremented 1 millisecond and the process repeated.  The photos were combined in a photo editing package.

Sorry for the lack of color but these were taken pre-digicam (!) and B&W film was used to get the necessary speed.