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since 08/21/2010
I don't do much application programming.  Most of what I work on is embedded code and unfortunately that usually can't be open-sourced.  Client restrictions and all that stuff.  Occasionally I'll write something that is of sufficient interest to post.  That's what this page is for.

This page is also where I'll stash little projects that are too small to get their own page.
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This is  a program to serialize embedded microprocessors.  When one is making a product containing an embedded processor, he often needs to serialize each processor.  Very expensive stand-alone programmers do this but to my (and Google's) knowledge, nothing is available that uses the very inexpensive programmers that are available that work with the freeware AVRDUDE programming software.  So I wrote this package.

The good news:
     It's free and it runs under Linux.

The bad news for some:
    It runs under Linux.

Not to despair.  It will compile just fine under Cygwin, something every self-respecting windoze programmer should use. The resulting program is a windows command line program.

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DoLame is a shell script that uses the LAME MP3 Codec to resample a directory full of audio files.  I use it for two purposes.  One is to resample audio book files down to 32kbps mono.  This greatly extends the play time that I can get from a battery charge on my flash player and increases the number of files that I can put on the SD Card.

The second script, dolame128, is used to resample a directory full of music down to 128kbps in preparation for loading said music onto my portable MP3 music player.  The benefits are the same as for audio books. I've found that 128k is perfectly adequate in quality for listening on the go.

In both cases the script leaves the original files alone and puts the resampled files in ./resampled.

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Despace is a handy little shell script that removes those pesky spaces from file names of files that typically from from Windoze systems.  It will take a file of the form

this file has spaces.mp3

and rename it to


The script accepts wild cards.