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Here is where things that don't fit anywhere else go  
since 05/22/2007


A clever Sat Dish mount using the tripod stand from a halogen work light.  The top of the tripod has a 1/4-20 hole.  A simple thumbnut attaches the dish to the tripod.  
US Bureau of Reclamation's Battery maintenance manual.  This is one of the best manuals on battery maintenance I've found.  Probably because it is a working procedure used by the BOR.  It covers everything from large station batteries to vehicle batteries.  BOR seems to reorganize their web site about monthly so the location of this document is unstable.  Therefore I have put a copy on my site
BOR battery manual (PDF)  
Desulfator - Here is an article I found on Usenet that presents a battery desulfator that you can build from common electronic parts.  It does one of the best jobs of explaining how the thing works that I've seen.

There are other DIY desulfator articles on the net including This One.  There are several commercially made products on the market, many grossly overpriced.  One that works and is reasonably priced is the Battery Minder here and here.  I've tested the Battery Minder Plus fairly extensively and have found that it works as advertised.  The Plus model can be found on the net for well under $50.

Desulfator Article (zipped PDF)

Onan "4C" Decarboning spray MSDS.  This MSDS is not available on the Onan website and is only available by asking.  Therefore I'm hosting it here for your convenience
Onan "4C" MSDS.pdf

Keeping_Cool - This photo shows a slick portable fan that I keep in my RV.  I keep another around the house for outdoor work.  It consists of a condenser cooling fan from an AVS electric bus and a lightweight photographer's light stand.  The fan is designed for 24 volts (where its blow rivals Katrina's) but works fine on 12.  For an even lower speed, I insert a 50 watt halogen lamp in series.

This fan would be hard to duplicate but most any car radiator fan from the junk yard would work fine.

This shows the super-simple mounting technique.  A hunk of coat hanger bent into a double hook.  The part sticking down in the light stand has a sharp 180 deg bend on it so that it bites into the tube wall and holds it in place.