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Created 05/27/07
Last update 12/09/2010

Bald River Falls

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falls balded since 05/27/07
The Bald River Falls are probably the most famous landmark of the area.  These falls appear on thousands of prints, calendars, post cards and the like.  It is a spectacular view, especially after a heavy rain, as when these photos were taken.

This is a nice picnic area at the top of the falls.  The climb up is fairly steep, though it is paved.

These photos were taken on a sunny snowy day, some of my favorite camping weather!

I've left the photo files under the thumbnails at full size so that you can print off a quality print if you desire.  You may use these photos for private, non-commercial purposes.

Update 09/14/07 - The drought of 2007 has broken.  It started raining last night at dusk and has been raining for 24 hours.  We'd almost forgotten what rain looked like.

This has been the driest season in memory here.  The Tellico River was being known as the Tellico Creek.  Bald River was almost a memory.  Look at this photo taken a few days ago:

Can you believe the difference between then and the normal flow pictured below?  All I can say is Hallelujah!

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The falls at winter high water. This photo was taken on Feb 5th, 2009 after a light snow and several days of single digit temperatures.  It is a exquisite photo of the falls when frozen.
This photo shows the constant spray that comes from the falls.  This is most welcome in a hot summer day!    
Looking upstream on the Tellico river just before the Bald River joins it below the falls.    
Looking downstream on the Tellico after the Bald River joins.  The difference in water volume is apparent.