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Last update 12/09/2010

Other Tellico Area Campgrounds

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camps set since 05/27/07
On this page we look at the several other campgrounds in the Tellico River area.  These didn't require a whole page.
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Free Campground #3.  This used to be an unimproved loop along the river.  The FS this year (2006) smoothed out the bumps and closed the loop.  I liked it the other way better.  
Another view.  The river road is in the background  
The end of the CG where there used to be an exit.  
Free Campground #6  
Free Campground #7  
Free Campground #8  
Davis Branch Fee Campground  
Davis Branch, a typical back-in site
Davis Branch, another view
Big Oak Cove Fee Campground
Big Oak Cove, another view
Big Oak Cove, a view toward the entrance.  Note the $100k outhouse.
The Old Rock Quarry.  This was where the CCC workers quarried limestone when building the original roads and campgrounds.  It has been a nice campground with 3 spaces since the CCC quit using it.

Apparently over the winter 2005 the Forest Service ended that.  As this picture shows, they've blocked off all the campsites and dug a large ditch across the middle of it.

I included this photo to show what used to be.