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Last update 12/09/2010

Spivey Cove Camp Ground

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Spivey Cove is one of the oldest camp grounds in the Tellico River area.  This is also one of only a couple of old line fee campgrounds.  Ironically, the Forest Service has done the least damage to this campground of any in the area while keeping the fee fairly low.

This is one of my favorite campgrounds.  I frequently come here in my motor home.  Some people funny since I have a cabin only about a mile up the road.  Sometimes one just has to go (semi) primitive!

These photos were taken on a sunny snowy day, some of my favorite camping weather!

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Entering the campground from the main river road.  
The fee station.  At least the fee here is fairly low.  
Spivey Creek that cuts through the campground.  
One of the many tent camping and picnicking spots.  
Another tent camping and picnicking spot.  
This photo illustrates the Forest Service craziness.  The 4 poles on the left ware where the well and pump used to be.  This pump had been there since oh, at least the 50s.  I recall playing with it as a child. 

A few years ago the FS built the $100k outhouse.  No surprise that bacteria started to show up in the well water.  The solution?  Remove the pump.  Government gone amok.

Another nice camping spot.  
One of the several camping loops.  The FS has messed up a few of these spots but mostly, they're like they've always been.  
One of the spots in the loop.  Nice and cool, even in the summer.  
Spivey Creek again.  
The creek, on the way out of the campground.