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Custom Search - Norman Yarvin's Usenet archive.  Norm maintains this archive of useful posts made to various Usenet groups.  Over 20 years' worth of my writings can be found there.

Clocks & Precision Timekeeping

- David Forbes' Cathode Corner.  Dave makes and sells a Nixie wrist watch shown on the link icon to the left.  He also makes some gorgeous Oscilloscope clocks, though he's hard to motivate at times :-) - Tom is the Uber Mensch of timekeeping, the Chuck Norris of clocks.  He and NIST confer about who's wrong and who's right.  A true time nut.


- Big Clive's place.  Clive is a character.  Ahem.  Be sure to check out his little LED color controller kit.


Engines, etc

Generally Neat

Brooke Clark's Site - Brooke is an expert in so many areas that I could not pigeon-hole him into one category. Spend a few weeks on his site!

One of the best places on the net to acquire raw materials for high tech fabrication using things like aircraft aluminum, riveted construction and composites including fiberglass and carbon fiber.


An excellent example of a standby generator system built out of an indian clone of the British Lister slow speed diesel engine and a ChiCom generator head.

High Energy/
High Voltage

Bert Hickman's coin shrinking and other high energy stuff.


- A decent place to buy CF lights, particularly colored and BIG ones.

- A good place to buy high power LED flashlights, rechargeable Lithium batteries and chargers.  Very cheap prices but nonexistent warranty policy.

- Another direct-from-china store.  Used to be called  Prices about the same as above but higher shipping.  Also not so hot warranty service.

Don Klipstein's Web Site - Pretty much anything you want to know about lighting technology plus tesla coils and a few other things.


- THE replacement open source firmware for a selection of portable music players.  What iPod wants to be when it grows up

- Foobar 2000 Music Player.  Simply the best.

NeonClick here for my Neon Links page


- One of the best places on the web to buy RV products, particularly Generac, Honda and Yamaha generators and Engel portable refrigerator/freezers.  He doesn't update his web very often so call for current pricing which is generally lower than those posted


Encyclopedia of Scientific Units, Weights And Measures - A Postscript file that addresses scientific units of measurement over the years and the conversions between the two.  Excellent little book.


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