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Last update 07/17/2013

RV Electrical

In this section we'll cover various electrical issues that affect RV'ers.  Single photo articles go below, multi-photo articles click to the left Wires twisted since 05/10/07
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Fairly frequently someone will post on the rec.outdoors.rv-travel (RORT) group about a problem concerning alternator durability.  Generally the problem is that the alternator in their motorhome keeps burning out.

The reason is that automotive-type alternators are not designed for continuous full load operation such as is required to charge a depleted house battery.  The automotive alternator is designed to supply a high peak current to replenish the starting current and then rapidly taper off to a lower load.

The photo at left graphically shows the difference between an automotive alternator and a heavy duty one designed for continuous operation. 

The one on the left is a Leese-Neville semi truck alternator.  The one on the right is from a small car.

Both are rated at 100 amps.  Guess which one can do it continuously.