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I'm a real Critter guy.  Living in an apartment makes it a bit difficult so for now I have to be satisfied with completely indoor pets. * I don't really do the run-of-the-mill stuff like a dog or an ordinary cat.  This page will showcase my various buddies.

* 04/01/07 (more or less) Strike that! Never have I EVER been so happy to see something in my rear-view mirror as I was that apartment and the city of Cleveland!  Now that I'm out of that God-forsaken place and living here in God's country in Tellico Plains, I have plenty of room for critters.  My critter family has only just begun to grow! Stay Tuned

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That may look like a photo of a #10 can containing used deep fryer grease (Crisco and lard and bacon fat) but it's not.  It's the best damned hair ball remedy I've ever found.

I emptied my tabletop deep fryer of its old grease and put the cans on the floor to cool and solidify before tossing them in the garbage.  The next morning I noticed little paw and tongue prints in the top of the grease.  "Hmmm", I says to myself, "The little thieves have found something new to get into." So I left it sitting there.

Bob had been horking a hair ball every day or so.  I quickly noticed that his little "gifts" suddenly stopped.  "Hmmmm", I says to myself, "I wonder if the tongue prints in the grease and the hork-less days are related?"

I continued to observe.  The tongue-hole in the grease got deeper and larger and the flow of "gifts" remained absent.  "Hmmmm", I says to myself, "I think I've discovered something."  So I left the can sitting there awhile longer.

Fast forward a month.  It's been a hork-less month and all three kids are VERY regular and un-constipated!  I think I have a winner!  An unlimited and free supply of winners!